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Feel the luxury and quality behind our line of imported towels from Turkey. We chose this to offer you top quality peshtemal, made of 100% Turkish cotton.  This Old Diamond Bottle Bag is made from the popular diamond Peshtemal design and can be used as a gift bag for a variety of items. From wine bottles, candles, small jewelry boxed gifts and more.

Add this item into one of our elegantly wrapped Hygge style gift boxes that are  filled with a cozy selection of products that will bring some comfort and relaxation to someone special.  

CARE AND WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Machine wash on cold with similar colors. Tumble dry on low / medium heat for maximum softness. DON’T USE FABRIC SOFTENER - OVERTIME IT WILL MAKE YOUR FABRICS LESS ABSORBENT. From time to time, add a cup of vinegar to the wash to kill bacteria and remove any soap residue. Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener for your towels. DON’T USE BLEACH. Before the first use, you’ll want to soak your towels for 12 hours (or overnight) in cold water. This ensures they’ll retain maximum absorbency and softness. After your towels soak in a cool bath for 12 hours, wring them and hang them to air dry.


PLEASE NOTE: It’s important they air dry for the first time rather than going directly into the dryer.


One Old Diamond Bottle Bag

Size: 13x35cm

Material: 100% Cotton


*bottle and candle vessel sold separately 

Old Diamond Bottle Bag

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