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Welcome,Sak Pasé

Explore our range of natural bath and body products, along with a delightful collection of soy wax candles inspired by the beauty of Haiti. Naturally Lathered by Gardy crafts products with skin-nourishing ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Our formulations contain high-quality ingredients, free from parabens, chemicals, or synthetic additives. Committed to philanthropy, we donate to charitable causes and prioritize environmental sustainability. Experience the difference for yourself through our products. Click the link below to begin your journey.

Pase yon bon jounen, Gardy

Have a great day!


Prepare for a fresh and rejuvenating bath experience that will leave your skin and body feeling revitalized.​ Our products are meticulously selected and crafted with high-quality ingredients to gently cleanse and nourish your skin. Rest assured that you are part of a brand committed to providing you with an enjoyable bath time experience.

Milk Bath
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