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We believe in the importance of giving back and helping those in need. When you purchase an item in our St. Michel Collection, a portion of the proceeds will go towards one of the programs listed below. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of those in Haiti.


Two ways to help - You can shop for an item in the St. Michel Collection or you can click below to make a donation. Your generous donation will help fund our mission. Thank you for your support.

“Feel good in your heart and on your skin”- gardy

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American Heart Association

Naturally Healthy is Why


Naturally Lathered is proud to be a part of the Life is Why campaign with the American Heart Association.  The AHA is the largest not-for-profit organization that has been fighting to end heart disease and stroke for over 100 years. With heart disease as the number one killer worldwide and stroke second globally, the AHA works hard to ensure everyone will enjoy more of life’s precious moments. The AHA also partners with international organizations that develop programs to help children in Haiti suffering with heart disease.

Pitit d’ Haiti sponsors children in Haiti who are most in need and invest in their future.  Their motto is “Because we believe every child deserves a chance“.  All committee members volunteer their time and are not given a stipend for their services.  School progress reports are provided twice a year with full transparency of donations received.  The program began with one child in 2016 and to date they have over 15 sponsors.  100% of sponsorship donations are used for housing, health, nutritional and educational needs of the children.

The Haiti Committee is comprised of a group of individuals that raise money to help build and develop grounds in the St. Michel community in Haiti.  They provide support and monetary contributions to help build active playing fields and sporting activities like futbol and help local teams purchase basic items like equipment, uniforms and traveling expenses for competitions. Every amount raised goes to support them.

No amount is too small to help support those in need.  Your generosity is appreciated.  Thank you
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