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Sak Pase!


Welcome and thank you for stopping by and getting to learn more about me.  My name is Gardy and I’m the owner and creator behind Naturally Lathered located in Tyrone Georgia.


I started my soap making journey in 2020 after becoming frustrated with years of using the same prescription medications to relieve soap related irritations. Upon researching the benefits of using natural care products for skin, I fell in love with the process of making handcrafted soap. It gives me great pleasure to create something that is more than just a plain bar of soap.  Each bar contains all natural ingredients that provides gentle cleansing or other properties that have been carefully formulated to provide you with the best quality bar of soap.  There are no harsh chemicals that are often found in popular brands you see everyday. For years, I spent lots of money on prescriptions and over the counter products that often left me disappointed and with other side effects.  Discovering the natural soap industry helped relieve those issues.


I am committed to a sustainable future working towards 100% eco-friendly packaging.  I am also dedicated to environmental improvements and care for the earth we live in.

Throughout this journey of soap making, I wanted to honor my family as they have traditionally been contributors to charitable organizations. The creation of the St. Michel Collection pays homage to my ancestors and upbringing in Haiti.  When you purchase items from this collection, a percentage of the proceeds will be given to one of our charitable organizations listed on our website. We proudly introduced our candle line - Chandèl by Gardy in January 2023.  This is a special division of Naturally Lathered that continues its support of the Haitian community by creating products inspired by the beautiful countryside and people.  Proceeds from this line will also be donated to our charitable organizations.


Purchasing handcrafted goods ensures you are getting the very best so you can feel good in your heart and on your skin.  Each item will vary slightly in color, size and design as each one is a unique piece of art. I have splashed a bit of my heart in each product. I hope you feel it throughout as you naturally lather yourself with joy.


Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Questions and comments are always welcomed. 


With love,




“Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soil”

- an old Proverb 

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