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Coconut and Bentonite Clay Soap - NAKED


100% Coconut Oil and Bentonite Clay DEEP CLEANSER suitable for Normal to Oily Skin - Unscented. Recommended to use moisturizer after use.


Coconut oil has many benefits in soap. It's super moisturizing, adds rich lather, has an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants.  It can also aid in the reduction of inflammation for those suffering with eczema and acne.  An added bonus in this soap is Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay can help to cleanse the skin and remove impurities, contains minerals that nourish and support the skin's natural healing processes.


All our handcrafted soaps are made in small batches - size, color and appearance will vary.


Per FDA requirements, we do not make any claims regarding cosmetic or health related properties in our soaps. We are not healthcare professionals and do not claim that our products will have any effect on your overall health. Review the ingredients page for a guide to the benefits of additives in our soap. Further research is recommended. If irritation or rash develops, discontinue use.


INGREDIENTS: distilled water saponified oils of coconut oil, bentonite clay, castor oil, sodium lactate


net wt 4.5-5.0oz


Coconut and Bentonite Clay Soap (Naked)

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