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Crisp linen accord, white orchid and apple blossom combine to evoke the nostalgic memory of linen sheets dried by sunshine and fresh air.


Room sprays add an instant burst of freshness with just a few pumps of the spray.  It's perfect for any room or can be used to lightly spray linen and fabric furniture.


Directions: SHAKE WELL - spray 2-3 pumps throughout the immediate space and refresh as needed. For best results, hold bottle 8" - 10" away from linen areas so the mist falls onto the surface. Not intended to be used as a body spray. Keep away from children and pets. Patch test in a conspicuous area to check for discoloration.


When used as a room spray, this product can safely be used in any household. However, when used as a pillow or linen spray, we do not recommend spraying directly on linens belonging to a pet or child under the age of five.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Luxury Fragrance Oils for long lasting aroma


net wt: 4oz / 113g
Aluminum Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Storage and Disposal: Store at room temperature. Dispose of empty bottle according to local regulations.

Lemon Drop Fine Mist Room Spray

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